Joining the Compact (for Local Governments)

In order to join the Compact, the local government’s mayor or governing council/board must officially adopt or agree to the requirements below.  Membership in the Compact is binding and has no term length. 

Cities and counties that wish to join the Compact can do so through any of the following approaches:

  1. Board or council resolution, or
  2. Executed agreement, or
  3. Executive order.

Summary of the Compact's Requirements

1.     Training & Capacity Building

  • Commit at least one elected official and assign at least one senior staff member to participate in the annual convening of the Compact.

  • Commit leadership and staff participation in annual climate change training as referenced in the Compact Guidelines.

    • Additional personnel (up to a total of 25) may be provided access to the training resources at no extra cost.

  • The Steering Committee will work with the Association of Climate Change Officers (“ACCO”) to establish parameters for each category of individuals participating in training to account for reasonable time requirements, desired core competencies, course format/delivery and appropriate learning progressions.

2.   Contribution & Funding

  • Make an annual contribution to the Compact (see Compact Guidelines for complete details), with the first contribution due by no later than 30 days after the local government’s fiscal year start date.

  • Encourage staff, as appropriate, to provide non-financial support to the Compact’s fundraising efforts to ensure that the Compact has sufficient and sustainable funding to supports its members.

3.   Actions

  • Establish and publicly announce a new goal or initiative by no later than December 31, 2019 that meets an appropriate aggressiveness threshold to be agreed upon by the Steering Committee in consultation with ACCO and Compact staff.

4.    Participation

  • Assign one elected official and one senior staff person to serve as liaisons and official representatives to the Compact.

  • Elected officials will be invited to participate in activities designed and appropriate for elected officials and government leaders (to be held no more frequently than twice annually).

  • Staff liaisons will be asked to address administrative issues, process annual contributions, coordinate usage of Compact benefits and participate in Compact-wide meetings (to be held no more frequently than on a quarterly basis)