Visualizing the Compact

Colorado is already two degrees warmer than it was 30 years ago -- residents and businesses throughout the state are already feeling the heat: climate impacts like reduced snowpack, earlier snowmelt runoff and more frequent droughts, threaten communities and livelihoods. The Compact of Colorado Communities focuses on the necessity for building capacity in local governments and community collaboration to rapidly scale up and advance climate action planning.  

Our objectives are to:

  • Dramatically enhance local government capacity to address climate change and clean energy throughout critical decision-making roles;
  • Create jobs, improve public health and demonstrate bold actions;
  • Drive the development of visible community improvement projects that will be coveted by residents and businesses;
  • Spur economic development through sound clean energy and preparedness programs;
  • Provide an important forum addressing public engagement and awareness; and
  • Facilitate flow of funding from Colorado/Federal agencies, philanthropy and the private sector to member initiatives. 

Driving Local Solutions

  • Preparedness and resilience initiatives
  • Clean energy projects
  • Transportation and mobility solutions
  • Job creation and economic development
  • Public awareness and engagement campaigns