Comprehensive Guidelines for Member Participation & Commitments

Note: The guidelines were updated on November 8, 2017 to reflect the inaugural conference taking place in January 2018.

The following guidelines have been established by the initial Steering Committee for member participation and commitments.  For more information, please contact Daniel Kreeger (

Member Training & Participation

Update:  The first component of the Compact's 2018 training requirements has been approved by the Compact's Steering Committee.  Click here to read the memo (dated May 16, 2018) detailing these requirements.

  • Assign one elected official and one senior staff person to serve as liaisons and official representatives to the Compact.
  • Assign at least one elected official and one senior staff to participate in the annual convening of the Compact, the first of which will take place on January 31, 2018 - February, 2018.
  • The Steering Committee will work with the Association of Climate Change Officers (“ACCO”) to establish parameters for each category of individuals participating in training to account for reasonable time requirements, desired core competencies, course format/delivery and appropriate learning progressions.
  • Commit leadership and staff participation in annual climate change training as referenced in the above "Training Requirements Chart."
Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.37.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.25.22 AM.png

Member Contributions & Compact Fundraising

  • Encourage staff, as appropriate, to provide non-financial support to the Compact’s fundraising efforts to ensure that the Compact has sufficient and sustainable funding to supports its members.
  • Make an annual contribution to the Compact based upon the following chart, with the contribution due by no later than 30 days after the local government’s fiscal year start date.
  • Minimum contributions are based upon the "Member Contributions Chart."
  • Note: If your fiscal year 2017 began between January 1 and September 30, your designated 2017 minimum membership contribution will be prorated.  Please consult the 2017 prorated membership contributions chart below.

Guidelines for 2017 Contributions

The 2017 fiscal year contributions are determined by the above contribution levels with the following prorated percentages applied.  Contributions are due within 30 days of joining the Compact.

Member Actions

  • Establish and publicly announce a new goal or initiative by no later than December 31, 2019 that meets an appropriate aggressiveness threshold to be agreed upon by the Steering Committee in consultation with ACCO, independent experts and Compact staff.
  • Each Compact member will have the flexibility to choose a commitment type that best fits their community’s needs, opportunities, capabilities and other considerations (e.g. GHG reduction, clean energy deployment, climate preparedness).
    • Compact staff (leveraging third-party resources as appropriate) will provide guidance to members on shaping new goals/initiatives, as well as technical support on implementation of those activities.
    • Compact staff may also submit proposals to state, Federal and non-governmental organizations to secure funding for project implementation on behalf of member communities.
  • All final commitments must be publicly announced and should be completed within the time frame announced by the member community.  Examples of goals, initiatives and projects include:
    • Establish a new or updated greenhouse gas reduction goal; and/or
    • Establish a renewable energy portfolio requirement, build a sufficiently sized renewable energy project or create a program enabling residents to access renewable energy; and/or
    • Establish a measurable energy-related goal resulting in a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction; and/or
    • Start a new local project that meaningfully reduces energy consumption or builds resilience in your community; and/or
    • Partner with at least one other Compact member to start a new clean energy project or climate preparedness initiative.

Member Benefits

  • Technical support and guidance on local projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase clean energy deployment and/or build resiliency to climate affects.
  • Access to pro bono resources and tools made available exclusively through and by the Compact.
  • Opportunities to identify and establish new partners and funding resources.
  • Assistance with communicating and messaging with constituents.
  • Recognition as a signatory, and as appropriate, through speaking roles, publications and media opportunities.
  • All online training furnished by ACCO to support members’ training requirements is included with Compact membership contribution.
  • Access to special events organized exclusively for Compact members and/or through third-party events/organizers, including in particular, training topics not covered by ACCO's training resources.
  • In addition to the staff participating in the required training referenced above, ACCO will provide on-demand and live online training at no additional cost to up to 25 total staff per year from each member community.  
  • ACCO will waive the testing and application fees for up to 3 staff per year from each member community for the Certified Climate Change Professional® (CC-P®) credential.
  • Invitations to participate in ACCO’s member-only activities, including ACCO’s mentoring program.

Additional Services

  • Members in need of technical or staff support beyond the scope of the Compact’s deliverables to members may contract the Compact to provide additional technical support provided that the scope of work is consistent with the Compact’s mission and programming.  Service areas will include:
    • Assessment of workforce capabilities & governance structure
    • Workshop design & production
    • Executive briefings
    • Customized preliminary solar energy assessments
    • Clean energy job fairs
    • Facilitating energy efficiency treasure hunts
    • Research and general staff support
  • Service availability will be limited based upon staff availability and desired timing.  Member activities that have been included as part of the annual membership contribution will be given priority over prospective activities being considered subsequently. A 25% discount on services will also be applied to members who secure or reserve services as part of their annual contribution.  Members interested in securing additional services should contact Compact staff for additional information and to receive an estimate.
  • All prospective contracted activities must be approved by the Steering Committee until the Compact has engaged an executive director.  Once the Compact has employed an executive director, all contract work in excess of $15,000 per year (or more than $5,000 if it is outside the scope of the above-referenced service menu), must be approved by the Steering Committee.


  • Assign one elected official and one senior staff person to serve as liaisons and official representatives to the Compact. 
  • Elected officials will be invited to participate in activities designed and appropriate for elected officials and government leaders (to be held no more frequently than twice annually). 
  • Staff liaisons will be asked to address administrative issues, process annual contributions, coordinate usage of Compact benefits and participate in Compact-wide meetings (to be held no more frequently than on a quarterly basis).
  • Member communities will be invited to assign staff to participate in supplemental training, working groups/committees, special events and public engagement activities as they deem appropriate.