Letter from Daniel Kreeger

Dear Compact Members -

It’s an exciting time for Colorado communities and for ACCO. With the approval of the Colorado Energy Plan and Governor Hickenlooper’s order on low-emission vehicles, Colorado is taking big steps toward a clean energy future.

Within the Compact, we have a number of exciting developments:

  • Compact Member Bulletin — We have officially launched a monthly newsletter thanks to the great work of Bryce Carter and Sara Vargo — feel free to send them your ideas for future stories, or even contribute a story yourself!

  • Colorado Communities Cooperative Launch Meeting — The Compact and State of Colorado will team up to form a cooperative that is designed to facilitate collaboration on the action items stemming from the Colorado Communities Symposium earlier this year. Please be sure to review the action items and sign up for the October 16 launch meeting in Westminster.

  • Clean Energy Means Business — The Compact will be teaming up with the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) for the Clean Energy Means Business conference on November 12-13 in Denver. ACCO will be producing a formal training on procuring clean energy for legal, finance and procurement professionals that will be embedded within this event — this will be a great opportunity for you to build capacity on scaling up clean energy in your community!

  • Staff Training Requirements — The steering committee has adopted the staff training requirements and members are beginning to leverage the online training resources that ACCO has made available — please feel free to schedule an appointment with me so we can walk you through the requirements.

  • Training for Elected Officials — Last week, a group of Compact members joined ACCO members from Maryland and Florida to begin shaping a curriculum for elected officials and city/county managers — we hope to have this curriculum completed by the end of the year. Compact members Lucinda Smith (Fort Collins), Dick White (Durango), Anita Seitz (Westminster) and Ron LeBlanc (Durango). If you would like to join this group, please contact me.


  • Workshop on Climate Preparedness in Critical Infrastructure Sectors — ACCO will be hosting a half-day workshop in January 2019 to present findings from our research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and collect feedback in order to report back. An announcement and invitations will be distributed in the coming weeks.

  • Upgraded Learning Management System — Our new director of credentialing and training programs, Paul Miller, is working on building a new learning management system. We’ll be unveiling this resource by early November, which will facilitate collaboration within the learning environment for Compact members.

As you can see, you’ll be seeing a substantial ramp up in our work together … we look forward to working with you and advancing your communities capacity to drive bold climate change initiatives!

Best regards,

Daniel Kreeger
Executive Director
Association of Climate Change Officers